Entrust Payroll Solutions, Inc.  was founded one basic concept, quality customer service with the client care to best support businesses by simplifying their payroll and HR process.  Through his years of corporate experience, President Steve Kowalski, has seen a decline in personal relationships being a primary focus in the service industry.  Steve believes that people deserve quality care and respect when utilizing a company’s services.  Because of the lack of these fundamental grass roots values, Entrust was born.  It is Steve’s personal mission to offer his clients solutions to their payroll and HR needs while extending exemplary customer service to best meet the needs of his clients.
Steve Kowalski is President of Entrust Payroll Solutions, Inc. He works with small to midsize companies to help manage their employee life-cycle, thus allowing clients time to focus on what they know best, which is running and growing their business.

Steve knows the daily struggles and responsibilities that a business owner faces.  This is why he believes in what he does and how important it is to provide the highest level of service and support before and after you become a client.

Steve has been supporting business owners and employees for over 22 years.  Steve moved down to SW Florida from New Jersey looking for a new career and place to raise his family.  After working for AT&T Corp Sales for 14 years and at Gartner, Inc. for 5 years, Steve decided he wanted to get more involved with the companies he worked with on the owner/employee level to be part of their daily activities, growth, and success.  This is when Steve started his 9 year career at Paychex, Inc. as a Payroll Consultant and moved into the District Sales Manager position.  This experience has allowed Steve to work with thousands of businesses. During this time, he realized what was important to his clients when it came to payroll and employee management solutions.  The key is personalized service and support.

Alongside building his career, Steve has built his family with his wife Dena, who teaches 4th grade, and raised their five boys.  He has enjoyed actively participating with all their extracurricular activities.  He has coached their baseball and football teams, allowing this to keep him active and competitive as well.

Steve decided to provide his clients with his payroll and employee management experience by starting Entrust Payroll Solutions, Inc. so that his clients can have what they need, when they want it, and have someone that understands what they are going through all day, every day.

Steve Kowalski


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