Non-Profit/Exempt and Church Payroll Made Easy

Non-Profit, Tax-Exempt and Church Payroll Solutions

As a Non-Profit you may be exempt from some payroll taxes. Most Non-Profit Organization payroll is exempt from federal income tax (FIT).

If your organization is a church or place of worship, then Entrust Payroll Solutions is the perfect fit for you and your organization. Stop worrying about payroll and focus on your congregations need.

Payroll Solutions For Non-profit Organization

Entrust Payroll Solutions Has Your Non-Profit,
Exempt or Church Organizations Best Interest in Mind!

Church Payroll Services
Have special tax requirements that must be handled correctly. Here are some common questions about church payroll services:

What is parsonage?
Parsonage refers to clergy housing. It can either be owned by the clergy person or is owned by the religious organization.

What does housing allowance mean?
Housing allowance is when the clergy person owns the residence and the religious organization pays the clergy person a monetary amount to retain and maintain the residence. This amount is in addition to the salary amount. It must not exceed the fair rental value of the residence, including furnishings, garage and utilities.

As Easy as 1-2-3

  • Enter hours and pay rate from anywhere, anytime online.
  • Preview how much will be debited from your account on payday.
  • Approve. That’s it! Use direct deposit or print checks yourself or have us process the checks for you – easy as that!
Entrust Payroll Solutions works on your behalf.

  • Automatic tax pay & file of your federal, state and local payroll taxes, plus your W-2s posted online at year-end.
  • Note: it is required to provide federal and/or state documentation to support any request for tax-exempt status.
  • Affordable payroll, at up to half the cost of traditional payroll services.

Entrust Payroll Solutions works on your behalf.
We make it easy for you, wherever and whenever it’s convenient for you.

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