S-Corporation (Officer-Only Payroll)

We provide a secure & easy way to handle your payroll taxes.

Officer Only Payrolls are typically paid on an annual or quarterly basis and because of this can many times be forgotten or done incorrectly.

Officer-Only Payroll supports S-Corp 2% Owner earnings to reimburse owners for health and insurance premium expenses and reports this compensation in W-2 boxes 1 and 14.

Officer-Only Payroll program

Utilizing Entrust Payroll Solutions Officer-Only Payroll Program

  • Eliminate tax worries – tax returns are filed for you automatically.
  • Run payroll when you want – on your schedule, whether it’s weekly, bi-weekly, monthly,
    quarterly or annually.
  • Get more for less – run payroll for up to 5 officers when our competitors usually cut
    it off at only 2, and there are no restrictions on compensation for an officer

As Easy as 1-2-3

  • Save time with our easy and low cost Officer-Only Payroll program.
  • Run payroll in minutes, anytime and anywhere that fits your busy schedule or set your
    account up with auto pay.
  • Use our direct deposit or print checks from your computer. Giving you total
Entrust Payroll Solutions works on your behalf.
We make it easy for you, wherever and whenever it’s convenient for you.
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