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Run Payroll on Your Schedule with Entrust Payroll Solutions.

Every day you face new challenges and opportunities as a business owner. Your time is valuable, which is why Entrust Payroll Solutions offers you simple, affordable online payroll that saves you time.

Run payroll in minutes from anywhere at any time, even while on-the-go with your mobile device. Get the service and support you deserve. It’s that simple!
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Online Access from Anywhere Anytime
Entrust Payroll Solutions provides you with easy online access so you and your employees will have secure access when and where you need it – Including mobile devices. You will have access to all your company information and reports and your employees can have access to their pay information including check stubs.
Service Options the Way You Want
Entrust Payroll Solutions is based on service and options so whether you prefer to report payroll information over the phone, email, or process payroll yourself using our online platform the choice is yours leaving you time to run your business.
Payroll Tax Service
With our Payroll tax service, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that your federal, state and local payroll taxes will be calculated, collected, paid, and filed with the appropriate agency accurately and on time – Protecting you against penalties for late or inaccurate payments.
Process Payroll with Time Clock Integration
Stop Entering Employees’ Payroll Hours Twice and Doubling Your Chance for Errors

Now you can simply import payroll information from your time and attendance system into your Entrust Payroll Solutions account, saving time and vastly reducing the potential for data entry errors.

Workers' Compensation Payment Services

You wouldn’t pay your employees’ salaries a year in advance, so why pay your workers’ comp premiums up front? Entrust Payroll Solutions Workers’ Compensation Report and Pay As You Go Service integrates with Entrust Payroll Solutions to calculate your premiums using actual wages, not estimates.

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Payroll Outsourcing Increases Productivity

Be More Productive

Payroll Outsourcing, Direct Deposit/Paycard, Report Center, General Ledger Service, Time Off Accrual Tracking and more…

Payroll Service - Save Time & Money

Save Money

SUI Service, Time and Attendance, Time Clock integration, Tax Credit Services and more…

Payroll Tax Compliance Service

Stay Compliant

Workers’ Compensation, HR Advisory Tools, Payroll Tax Service, Health Care Reform, Garnishment Payment Service and more…

Entrust Payroll Solutions Partners

Become the Employer of Choice

Background Check Service, FSA, Retirement Services, Health and Benefits, Employee Online Access and more…

Entrust Payroll Manage employee payroll

Payroll, Wherever You Go

Run payroll wherever your day takes you with our free mobile apps. On the Go Control, Your Information at Hand, Never Miss a Beat, Your business on the Go.

Payroll Professionals Team

Customer Service

Service you deserve. payroll professionals available by phone, or email. Free in person walk-through when you process your first payroll.

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