What Hurricane Ian Has Taught Small Business Owners

In the aftermath of Hurricane Ian, there is one thing for sure, we have all learned many valuable lessons to better prepare us for future storms. While none of us could have foreseen the damage and destruction this storm would leave in our community, we can agree that when the next storm brews in the gulf, we will take it more seriously. One way to prepare is to develop a disaster action plan for your small business.

A disaster action plan outlines the steps the business owner will take to ensure that business will go on once the storm has passed. This plan should include how the owner will communicate with employees as well as customers or clients, how the business owner will protect data and equipment, and how the owner plans to maintain their business in the event their office is damaged.

Some key points to consider include designating a recovery team, a small group of employees who will act in the immediate aftermath. Assign one employee to be head of this team and another to be a backup. It is important to meet with this team to outline the roles and responsibilities of this group.

Your disaster plan should also include how data will be backed up and how equipment will be protected. Documenting your equipment and office furniture with photos and videos will also prove beneficial when filing insurance claims if these materials are damaged or destroyed.

Finally, a sound disaster action plan should include how the business owner will maintain their business if their office is damaged. What is your plan if your office is without power or internet? How will business go on?

Having a Disaster Action Plan can elevate undo stress and frustrations during and after a storm. This plan also benefits your employees as they know that the business owner is prepared and has a solution in place in the event of a disaster.

For all who suffered loss and devastation, EnTrust Payroll Solutions offers our heartfelt sympathy during this difficult time.